John Vallis

Author of The Height of Magic Series, Writer of Fantasy


My Work

And so comes the time, in every human's life, when they say, "I could write a book."

So, I did.

Having always been creative, writing stories seemed a natural progression - an evolution if you will, from composing music and performing (drop 50p in the hat and I'll sing you a tune for you any day), but what I didn't know at the beginning, was how much writing a novel would enrapture me. 

My directive was simple; keep it snappy, sharp and fun. I did. And the product of my hard work was, 'Grey Skies' the first book in a series called, 'The Height of Magic'. 

Notice I wrote, 'first', because, as writing entranced me so much, the second in the series is already underway and thus...I feel calling myself an author, is an apt description.

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