John Vallis

Author of The Height of Magic Series, Writer of Fantasy

Author of The Height of Magic Series, Writer of Fantasy

Author of The Height of Magic Series, Writer of FantasyAuthor of The Height of Magic Series, Writer of Fantasy

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Grey Skies - The Height of Magic, Book One

Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy, Novel,  grey Skies Out Now on Amazon

 When the world is full of magic, he who controls the magic controls the world. But what happens when the world wants it back? Abandoned, sorted, and assigned to the Grey Tower; Pitt knows next to nothing when it comes to spellweaving and whilst The Company is around; he never will. Downtrodden and destined to waste his life on the work floor, he discovers something which will shake the very foundations of his post-war society - a rebellion.

'Grey Skies' is the first part of 'The Height of Magic' series. Set in an alternate reality where magic exists alongside science, readers can explore a dystopian future through the eyes of Pitt, a 14-year-old from 'The Concrete Orphanage'.

Fast-paced and action-led, open your eyes to a universe of hidden folk. 

Available now worldwide on Amazon.


Blue Blood - The Height of Magic, Book Two

New fantasy, young adult novel  set in a world of magic, Blue Blood

“Long ago, Fey, or fairy-folk as we once called them, walked this world just like humans do now. In a time before science and human magic, theirs was the only magic. Then something happened, way back when, something disastrous and the Fey ceased to exist, or so we thought until…you.” 

With the towers destroyed, the Company disbanded and magic returned into human hands, Revelation must fulfil their end of the bargain and rebuild their world of magic for everyone, not just the few. However, from what remains of the towers and the Company, another power rises.

Who or what could this power be? 

And why did the magician Isaac Newton keep it imprisoned for hundreds of years?

Join Pitt and his friends once more, as they embark on a magic-filled adventure to uncover the secrets of the Hidden Folk and protect all they have strived for from destruction.